Thursday, October 08, 2009

Street Cuteness

So... Hubby and I have been feeding feral cats on our block for the past two months. We started with four kittens and their mama - the kittens seem to be about 4 months old, so we were just planning on feeding them every night, and trapping them soon to get everyone TNR'ed. (Trapped/Neutered/Returned to their original spot) They are way too skittish to be tamed, especially when L.A. is drowning in homeless cats and kittens, and they would not stand a chance of getting adopted (and I do NOT have room for more cats!!)

Well... long story short, last night as I put the food down, I see a tiny little scruffy thing coming out from under a car, plant his two paws in the plate, and start inhaling the canned food, growling all the while! Seems like mama cat hasn't been idle **sigh** we really need to get her fixed before she gets pregnant again.

Needless to say, it was out of the question for us to leave those babies to grow up on the street and become wild too... so we set out to catch them.
We managed to get two tonight, and I know there is a third, and possibly a fourth one still there. So hopefully we can get them tomorrow night.

Will keep you guys posted... in the meantime, here are the first pictures of the new (scared) kids on the block (or in the bathroom):

"What the heck is going on?!"

"I don't like you. I will hiss!" (and he did, but it was just sad and cute)

Scared little monsters... I hope they stuff their faces overnight, and are in better spirits in the morning!

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