Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last day with the troublemakers...

After almost a week of daily heart-melting, today is our last day with the troublemakers... tomorrow they are going to be fostered and taken care of by Kitten Rescue, a wonderful rescue group here in L.A.

We are pretty sure by now that both kittens are boys... there is still a slight doubt about the little grey one, that should be solved tonight by another round of intimate scrutiny (met with indignant meeps). They will be two intense bundles of joy!

"Ehn? Me? I'm a what?!"

"I'm cute and innocent and I love to pose with a serious face... I'm no trouble at all"

They no longer run for cover when we open the bathroom door now, but instead stand there wide-eyed, waiting for whatever is going to come next. Food (most often), playtime (very often), tummy rubs (always!). With time they have gotten very playful and trusting, and they are truly adorable little monsters.

I really hope they will find the best of homes... together. They are so bonded. Don't forget, if you live in the Los Angeles area and want kittens, email me!! I am driving them to a rescue group tomorrow because my family is flying in from France on Saturday, and five people will then share the bathroom they are staying in... which makes it impossible to keep them. But I can still recommend people to Kitten Rescue if they would like to adopt them :)

"Wait a minute... we're going where?!!"

"I'm not so sure I like that idea... would anyone call and adopt us already?! Hmmm?"

I mean, seriously, how could anyone resist those mugs?!!


Cat with a Garden said...

What a good job you did. It sounds like they had the ideal age to be away from their momma and to get used to humans. Lucky little beings. It must be hard to give them into fostering, but they will find a good home without problems we think. The last pic is great, we adore the half white paw!

Nini said...

Thanks... I miss them already. They are such trusting little souls, it's so hard to give them up. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

with such cute pics there HAS to be people willing to adop them. you should offer your services to the kitteh rescue !


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