Monday, January 26, 2009


Assia wonders what kind of trouble she wants to get into next...

Wicket the Adventurer

Wicket-Butt has taken to pestering us every time we go out to do laundry in the basement... so now we just take him with us and let him hang out in the tiny space on the side of our building for a few minutes every time we do laundry.

And he thinks he is the Bad Kid of the Neighbordhood:

He will also pose, if you ask nicely:

Cute little brat!

Crazy Catnip Dance



Mew doesn't know what you are looking at. Not at all.



Finally back, after months of craziness at work and laziness at home...

This kitty is a warrior, living mainly outside because his irresponsible owners won't have him inside. Neighbors feed him and pet him, but he has developed a super thick coat from being outside in the cold all the time - and nights are COLD in Normandy - poor thing.

He is the boss on the block.
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