Monday, January 26, 2009

Wicket the Adventurer

Wicket-Butt has taken to pestering us every time we go out to do laundry in the basement... so now we just take him with us and let him hang out in the tiny space on the side of our building for a few minutes every time we do laundry.

And he thinks he is the Bad Kid of the Neighbordhood:

He will also pose, if you ask nicely:

Cute little brat!


lucy said...

lololol ! trop fort ce chat !

Nini said...

Il se croit dans "Entourage" ;p

C'mon Cori said...

He is soo adorable...His fur is just beautiful..

Nini said...

Thanks :)
He is a little show-off!

Cat with a garden said...

Wow, what a mancat! Is he a Maine Coon? I'm a Norwegian Forest Cat and my little sisfur Chilli is a feral cat from Rome. She thinks she's a mix of Abyssian, Russian Blue and Siamese, though! ; )
Purrs, Siena

Nini said...

Wicketbutt is a "Street Maine Coon"... rescued from a cardboard box in a parking lot. He does look (and weigh) a lot like a Maine Coon!!

I loooove the pictures of you guys! You are SO pretty :) I wish Wicket had a fluffy tail like this!

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