Sunday, October 11, 2009

All warmed up

So, I think we can safely say the kittens are all warmed up now... judge for yourself:

There's a lot of playing going on...

And some starin' too...

The kittens have spent a lot of time purring and playing today, and getting their tummies rubbed.
When I look at the first pictures I took of them, and the ones I took tonight - there is such a world of difference! It's amazing how fast those tiny creatures respond to love and care, and decide that bipeds aren't such bad companions after all.

They also learned really fast how to master the melt-in-your-boots pose *sigh*


Robyn said...

Oh my - aren't they gorgeous little things!

Nini said...

Cute, aren't they? You would never believe they were wild little street things just a few days ago!

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