Sunday, February 28, 2010


Une fois n'est pas coutume, there is a new feline guest on the blog: our "cousin" Buttons, who was adopted a couple of months ago by my French friend Nathalie, along with her sister Bettle. These two have turned from shy ladies into beautiful, happy, playful cats, and also jumping/backflip champions!

They are not easy to photograph, as they get easily scared - unlike my monkey crew who won't budge unless you shake a box of dry food! Beetle is a black cat, which makes her especially complicated... so for now, you will have to settle with Buttons' photoshoot!

Never come between a cat and his grass...

Buttons likes to pose... a slightly melancholy air...

She has a really nice view from her balcony!


Cat with a Garden said...

We're absolutely smitten with Buttons. Mom said she REALLY looks like a Norwegian Forest Cat. Lovely pictures!

Nini said...

Thanks :)
The funny thing is, Buttons is actually tiny, and although she is floofy her tail is super tiny too!
She must have some snowfox ancesters though, that's for sure.

No one can beat Siena the Tail!!

Leslie said...

Beautiful shots -- the eyes glow!

Cat with a Garden said...

Please try to get a pic of Button's tail the next time. As a true tail connaisseur I'm very interested in it. She's a CUTIE!
Purrs, Siena Snowfox

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