Friday, February 12, 2010


Happy New Year everyone!

I just realize it's been a couple of months since my last posts, even though I have a billion pictures to share... ahhh what can I say, I'm lazy... and the longer I indulge, the worse it gets!

But the kitties have been adamant that I should show the world how adorable, hilarious and annoying they can be... so I'm back :)

Let's get started with crappy quality pictures of unhappy cats. We spent a week in Texas for Christmas, and the kitties did NOT approve. Not one bit. They thought if they camped on our luggage then we wouldn't get to leave... of course that didn't work.


Sakura said...

You like to search in the luggages!
So do I

Leslie said...

Poor kitties! Did you get to take them with you? Texas does offer lots of sun for napping in ...

Nini said...

No, they had to stay home... Texas was too far for us to take them, and my husband's family has four dogs who see cats as dinner rather than friends...

But their pet sitter came to see them, feed them and play twice a day... so they weren't too too miserable ;)

Sakura said...

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