Monday, December 03, 2007

A walk in the park

I never know whether I should post in French or English. I'm not sure many people from home actually check this out, and the ones who do should understand the English, so... English it will be!

Went for a walk with Johan and the two dogs in Elysian Park today... the golden light of the late afternoon was simply gorgeous. Even my shitty little digital managed to capture that beauty decently! It felt great to exercize a little, play with the dogs, and forget about the poor locked up, neglected Mama dog and her pups that we saw earlier (will post about that later, for now I'm just too depressed about it, and busy trying to find a way out of this situation).

Pepper would not sit still for the camera... silly girl!

Happy Olivia...


philou said...

Ouais moi j'ai tout compris!
I'm fluent in English faut dire.
Et j'aime bien regarder tes photos nini, elles sont toujours très belles/chouettes.
Bisous from France.

Iyhel said...

Lucky you ! Such a light... here, rain and clouds... the only thing I can shoot is Cécile's robidon; which can be compared to some kind of torture for her...

Bon allez maintenant t'as plus qu'à traduire robidon pour tes lecteurs anglophones !

A très bientôt (mais si, mais si), gros bisous.

Nini said...

Mici les coupains :)

Clement, justement, je trouve que ton site manque cruellement de nouvelles photos du robidon de Chat d'Oc... Vite, il est encore temps!

PS: des nouvelles sur la date prevue?

Chat d'oc said...

ben la petite fille qui ne parle pas encore anglais veut rester dans le robidon en signe de protestation (je lui ai tout traduit mais ça ne semble pas lui convenir) !
gros bisous !

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