Sunday, December 09, 2007


Samantha and her four puppies were locked away in a tiny, dirty kennel their whole - short - lives... on bare wood, with not even a blanket to cuddle on. Water and food? Once a day! Walks? Never! The Korean family who kept them (and let the dog breed with her own brother) obviously did not have much interest in them.

It was quite a heartwrenching sight...

Luckily, it did not take much to convince their "owners" to give them up, and we found a wonderful rescue group to foster the whole family. Those babies are going to be BIG, so it had to be someone with plenty of space. As it is, the family will be fostered in a nice property in Beverly Hills... from rags to riches ;)


Dundee the Fearless

Mathilda Sawyer

I am hoping to receive an update about them and maybe some pics, early next week... I will post everything here. It will be fun to see how the pups turn out!

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