Friday, November 27, 2009

Stuffing the Kitties!

So today is the day where everyone is supposed to be thankful, and eat until they explode. The humans felt very grateful today at Casa Nini, but didn't do much eating, being far from their families and all that.

However, to compensate, we stuffed the cats silly! They get raw food a few times a week (should be more, if Mom wasn't in such a rush all the time... ahem), and one of their favorite meals EVER is game hen. You know, those tiny chickens that you buy whole and frozen at the store? Yeah, they LOVE it. Raw, with skin, bones and all. Yums.

Tonight for dinner they devoured a pretty big one, all by themselves, in one setting. All that was left was the back (too much bone) and the wings (they don't like those). Everything else was munched diligently by happy kitty teeth! And you would think that after such a meal they would want to pass out to digest... NOPES! They want to PLAY PLAY PLAY, and have been rocketbutting around the apartment for the past thirty minutes :D

Disclaimer: Do not, EVER, feed COOKED bones to your cats (or dogs)! Cooking makes bones really hard and splintery, and they break into shards that can be extremely dangerous for your pet - the risk of perforation of the stomach, oesophagus or intestines is very high.
Uncooked poultry or rabbit bones, on the other hand, are very soft and easy to chew for a cat used to eating raw. Mine only leave a few dry pieces of bone when they are done - the yummy cartilage is what they like best!

I present you... kitty-stuffing in pictures - true Turkey Day style!

Chewie always gets a drumstick, it's her favorite thing to eat. She LOVES bones, and will not come ask for seconds until her bone is all munched up and there's only a few splinters left. Tonight she took it to the other end of the kitchen, to make sure it was safe. You never know who might want to steal your chicken leg!

Mew is usually very quiet and waits silently while dinner is prepared, but she was so excited about the raw meat that she kept purring, chirping and meowing in my ear all the while I was cutting the bird up. She head bumped my hand a few times, which didn't really help me finish faster... she had seconds AND thirds tonight. Yummers!

Wicket got a drumstick too, and was purring to himself as he ate... there was NOTHING left on his plate after five minutes! He too got seconds and thirds, and tried to drag the carcass off the plate to get some more... he's got the Thanksgiving stuffing spirit down pat.

Isis is a little more dainty than the others... she likes to eat the ribs and the cartilage on the bird's chest. She picks it up delicately and then CHOMPCHOMPCHOMP... it's gone.

Note that all cats eat with their eyes closed, and with those contented expressions on their faces... it's so much fun to see them eat and purr and enjoy their meal so much.

I'm very thankful for many things this year, and particularly for my four furry friends. I'm thankful that they are in good health, always silly, always getting in trouble, always making me laugh, always cuddling with me when I'm all doom-and-gloom... Happy Thanksgiving to y'all! Hug your messy beasts for me :)


Cat with a Garden said...

We're just starting to eat raw two times the week. The skirt meat has some bones in it too and we love to crunch them. The other day mom gave us chicken hearts and liver and we were a bit hesitant with that. You can't get stuff like that hen at the stores here, we'd have to order online. Maybe one day... Mom says she has to clean up a trail of blood when we're done munching, because especially Chilli tears the pieces off the dish and sometimes has to kill them by whapping.

Poppy Q said...

Mum wishes I liked the raw food, and she keeps trying, but I am not interested.

Nini said...

Uh-Oh Chilli, what a little wild tiger you are! The kittins here used to do that at first, but now they know the food is not moving (to their great disappointment).

I'm very happy to know you two like eating the real meat! It's so good for you, your teeth, your furs...

Poppy, you should really give it a try! Would it help if your Mum added tuna juice to it?

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