Friday, July 31, 2009

Another plea for help...

I'm not sure how many people look up this blog... probably not many. And among you, probably not many live in California, or even in the U.S. And among those who live in California, how many want a dog? Yeah... virtually no one.

Still, as useless as it might seem, I want to repost this plea for help from the Mutt Scouts, an awesome rescue group based in L.A. that has saved so many canine lives over the years, and keep going strong despite limited funds. They do more than anyone else I know, often get in way over their heads, trying to mend the traces left by human cruelty, neglect, abuse, and total lack of compassion. More than anything else, they need foster homes - people willing to foster a dog for a week, a month... until a good permanent home is found. Of course money is essential too, to help cover vet bills, food etc. But even little things like blankets, towels, toys, food donations can make a huge difference and contribute to the well-being and rehabilitation of those dogs.

Now I know, I know, there are millions of human beings dying every year at the hands of the same evils. I know, you work hard to get your money. I know, there are "worst" things to worry about in the world than homeless dogs. I apologize in advance for those of you who will be rubbed the wrong way... but knowing they are "just" animals doesn't make me feel less sad, angry and frustrated by their situation. And I want to help.

So... if anyone wants to help too, here is where to start:

All photos reposted from the Mutt Scouts' website.


Cat with a garden said...

The first picture let tears shoot in mom's eyes. We hope people can open their doors for a foster animal or even adopt one. Animal cruelty is such a sad thing if you know how wonderful each and every animal is. Those people just don't get it.
We're sending purrs - even if that's not exactly what is needed here. Sniff.

Nini said...

Thanks girls... how kind of you to send purrs to those poor dogs. I hope soon they will find a human who will teach them how wonderful the love of a human can be(and the love of kitties too!)

sue said...

thank you for posting this. no matter how many or how few see it, every one is a potential savior for an animal in need.

lucy said...

cette première photo est trop suis contente de savoir l'heureux dénouement ! yay

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