Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chocolate Cat

So Miss Chewie does look black, doesn't she? Which is why I always have such a hard time taking good pictures of her... it takes a miracle for retarded me to maneuver the light well enough to get a decently exposed photo:

Every now and then she gives in and agrees to pose to please the silly human. ("Let's look thoughtful and melancholy, and maybe I will get a treat out of it!")

( All I can see is her Chewbacca lips)

When she poses in the sun, however, my black kitty turns into...

Chocolate Cat!

Her fur is so many different colors... deep chocolate brown, black in places still, smoky grey on her belly and armpits, white patches on her chest and tummy... Simplicity is for suckers ;)

The lady's latest favorite toy:

And look at this chocolate toe-fluff!

1 comment:

Cat with a garden said...

Oh my, if THIS is chocolate then we can't get enough of it! ; )
Thank you for visiting us so we could find you. Your pictures are wonderful!
Purrs and noselicks, Siena & Chilli

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