Saturday, September 06, 2008

Another cute puppeh

I've been taking pictures of dogs ready for adoption to help a local rescue group called Happy Ending Rescue. They fly dogs from dog farms (where they are raised for their meat) and shelters in South Korea, and bring them to California to find them good homes.

They happened to have the cutest, sweetest puppy in store this morning, so I thought I would show her off - let me introduce Creamy:

Creamy is looking for a good home to vent her puppy energy... one with another dog to pester would be perfect, but hey, she will study all reasonable offers :)

A shout-out to!


lucy said...

this little cutie was being raised for her meat??

Nini said...

Yup... in wire cages so the poop can fall through... not even a bed or a piece of wood to sleep on :(

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