Saturday, August 02, 2008

Dare I...

... to post this impossibly long, but also impossibly uplifting text, that a dear friend just forwarded me?

Answer is: yes.
Those who, put off by the length, decide to ignore this, will miss out on a good dose of stark optimism and sound advice.
Those who feel brave enough to read on... let me know what you think!

By Hathors, July 20, 2008 - Paros Island, Greece

We wish to discuss several aspects of human psychological response to the planetary and inter dimensional changes that are now taking place. Sensitive individuals are the most prone to these types of responses, yet they are also showing up for those who are spiritually unaware and primarily focused upon material reality.

What we are describing is a global sense of hopelessness, bordering on despair for some individuals; a sense that there is nothing that one can do to change the course of events. For some this leads to a type of depression, a lack of motivation; and that which gave life meaning, purpose and joy, now seems empty.
For others it is a sense of being extremely disconnected from their lives, as if they are watching a movie. They go through the motions of living a life, but their hearts are not in it. For others who are consciously connected to the web of life, the loss of species, the destruction of the eco-system is especially difficult to contend with. For those who are focused primarily upon their material reality, the 3-D life they live,these times are increasingly anxiety provoking for the financial concerns that we predicted some time ago are now upon you, and they will only worsen.
In addition, the evolutionary and catalytic waves from deep space that we have mentioned before continue to escalate. Those who attempt to control you through economics, politics and religion are finding it increasingly difficult, yet they are strengthening their efforts, and some individuals aware of these tensions feel caught in the middle.

For, indeed, from the standpoint of time and space, you are caught in the middle. You are caught in the middle of the tensions between evolution and devolution, spiritually speaking. You are at the center-point of time and space. This is an energetically intense place to be and from the standpoint of the soul, or the spark of consciousness that you are — your inter dimensional reality, or however you wish to describe this to yourself — these are potent, powerful times.

From our standpoint there is nothing that an individual can do to prevent the dissolution of that which needs to be dissolved. The planetary changes are upon you. If you are able to take collective and individual action, some of the more intense forms of destructive change can be mitigated or lessened. But some of them cannot be stopped, or to be more accurate, we would say that it is improbable.

Your opportunity as a soul — as a spiritual being living a human life — is to navigate through these changes in ways that strengthen you and lift you upward, even as those around you seem to spiral into negativity, despair and acting out of their self-destructiveness. As you look to the human collective and see the self destructiveness, the stubbornness to change, the tendency to stupidity, look also to yourself for these seeds are within you as well.

We have given previously our views of what your near future will unfold, and we shall not describe them again. You can look to the archives if you are interested. What we feel most important to convey at this time is how you must find the spiritual courage to rise up, as many around you seem to be falling. And by falling we mean specifically moving into lower states of spiritual quality.

How do you navigate your life through a sea that is filled with fear, hostility, paranoia, constraint, lies, and manipulation?

The journey of an Initiate, which is the path of living upward in consciousness, regardless of the spiritual lineage or ways of describing it, is quite simply the passage through the eye of a needle, or the eye of the storm.

Let us use the metaphor of hurricanes or cyclones — for they shall be increasing in number and intensity. If you are at the edge of the storm you are exposed to the
destructive power of the wind and water. But if you are in the eye of the storm, it is, paradoxically, calm. You can see the edge of the storm in a circle at the far horizon, but in the center, all is still and calm.

This center point of the storm is what you must find in yourself, from our perspective. This is the path of the Initiate, the spiritual master. There is no one who can teach you this. There is no one who can save you from the storms that
are upon you, and by this we mean both the external storms of your weather, your politics and your economics, as well as earth changes, but we also mean the internal storms, your psychological and emotional conflicts, as you live in the midst of a world that is dissolving into a new world that has not yet become. There is little solid ground here and such states of recognition are anxiety provoking for most humans.

Most of you have not learned how to dance with chaos in a gracious manner, but don't be concerned about this. For soon you shall have many dance lessons and opportunities to be at peace with the partner of chaos, the swirling uncertainty.

In these times it will be easier to surrender to the downward spiral than live upward. And yet, living upward in consciousness is why you are here in this time — from our perspective.

There is a battle taking place on earth for your very spirit, your heart and mind. We have talked before about the nature of this manipulation and so we need not discuss it here. Again, we refer you to the archives if you are so interested. The
essential point we wish to make here is that this is a time to rise upward in yourself, to take the high spiritual ground, to find in yourself the spiritual courage to not succumb to the downward spiral, to find a way to live upward in
yourself even in the midst of increasing chaos, difficulties and seeming disasters.

We say seeming disasters because interdimensionally, the events that take place in your life, such as catastrophes, storms, famine, loss of jobs, and so on, are multi-dimensional in nature. Certainly from the localized space of your being that is locked into time and space, your embodied self, these events are very difficult to deal with, and are catastrophes of varying degrees. But from the standpoint of your interdimensional self — your soul, the spark of consciousness, however you
wish to describe it — these events are opportunities for immense growth and acceleration of spiritual evolution.

It is not the situation that you find yourself in that binds you, it is how you view it that imprisons or frees you.

And so in whatever situations you may find yourself in the coming years, we say to you there are many doorways to freedom in consciousness. Some of these doorways will involve interacting with those around you in new ways — stepping out of the box of perception you have been sold.

Some of these doorways will be finding a common ground with those whom you might call your enemies. Some of these doors are personal and are simply the space of a new relationship between you and your interdimensional realities. Some of these doors will lead you into interaction with the problems of this earth, of humanity, discovering new ways to solve problems that are outside the constraints of your current thinking, and some of these doors will lead you beyond earth, into other
spiritual realities. The doors you choose lead you into new destinies.

If you continue to use the doors that have been given to you by
your culture through their lies and manipulation, you will participate in a vast catastrophe. But we wish you to understand clearly a phenomenon of creation. The doors you open will lead you to a destiny that is unique, even if many around you enter through other doorways. In other words, do not buy into the mass hypnosis of what door you should open and enter through.

What we mean by the door of mass hypnosis is that those who wish to control you through economics, politics and religion, do so through subtle and not so subtle suggestion. It is not for us to say to you which doors you should open, for that is your task as a spiritual master, but what we can say to you is the obvious.

Each door leads to a unique destination, or destiny, and you can choose doors that lead you into joy and happiness, even as others are choosing doors that lead them to despair and sadness. Again, it is not the situation that binds you; it is your perception of it.

Let us get a little more concrete here. Let us say that you have lost your job, the source of your income. This is a very challenging and anxiety-provoking situation. Panic is one of the doors that are available to you. Blame is another door that is
always available. Curiosity as to what might open next is also a door that is available to you. If you choose the door of curiosity, you open yourself to new possibilities. You will then have not shut your consciousness down into the lower vibrations of panic, anger and blame. They may surface from time to time, but if you keep your focus upon curiosity regarding what chaos will bring you next, you can discover new solutions to your problems in a much quicker way.

There is a tendency for human consciousness to repeat old patterns; this is based upon expectation, which is a form of memory rooted in the illusion of time, as you perceive it. It is possible to cut through your perception of time and accelerate to solutions to problems faster than would normally take place, but this is done through the door of consciousness that only you can open. It is done through both personal intent and action.

We realize that there are many levels of understanding on the part of those who read these words. The challenge for us is to communicate something that will be practical for all of those reading this. Some of you already know exactly what we are speaking to, and know that there are doors within you that you can open that will lead you to higher destinies, fast resolutions to problems without getting bogged down like many of those around you. Some of you think and feel that you do not have the right for happiness or freedom of mind and heart, while others are suffering and imprisoned. But we say to you that the greater service you can render to your follow humanity, is to free yourself from the imprisonment of limited consciousness, for then you can interact with others in new ways, and through those interactions new doors can reveal themselves.

And so when you find yourself disheartened, disillusioned, disconnected, and with no desire for your life, realize that you have simply wandered through one of the doors of your own consciousness, and that there are forces who celebrate your apathy, for then you are more easily controlled. In these moments of recognition that you are in a lower vibratory expression of your potential, seize the moment, step out of that doorway into another.

Now, the difficulties that some of you may be experiencing may seemingly preclude any choice in your outer reality, but we say to you that the power of choice resides within you, regardless of the conditions you find yourself in. In the most
difficult moments, when all doors seem closed to you, when there are no options seemingly available, we have a simple suggestion. It may sound trite and too simple, but it is simply a leverage point. For all that is required to change a situation is a small movement in consciousness, and then as you build upon this movement, vast powers within you are released. But until you have movement within you, of some kind, nothing can change.

And so this is our suggestion for how to create a small movement within you when everything else has failed. Even in the midst of personal torment, external difficulties, whatever presents itself to you as the difficulty, find something to

It might be as simple as that you can breathe, or if your breath is constrained, when you can take a breath, you appreciate the breath. Or it could be appreciating a color in the sky or something that made you laugh. What is important here is that
when all options are closed, if you find something to feel appreciation for, no matter how small, you have created a small movement in consciousness, and with that movement great things can unfold.

We sense that some of you will ride through these storms that are upon you, the winds of change, more gracefully than others. But even you, who consider yourselves to be spiritually evolved, may be challenged from time to time as the old world dissolves into something new. And we sense that some of you will be caught in the grips of the chaotic times, and it is our hope that you will recall this simple suggestion, and remember to find something to appreciate, and with that movement in
consciousness you will find new doors to open.

We hold in our hearts, our minds, a vision of great new realities for you and your human family. May it be so. May you make it so.

- If that's not inspiring, then I don't know what is ;)


Ben said...

Je commente pas sur le blog mais on peut confronter nos points de vue sur le sujet quand on se parlera.

Ok en fait si je commente mais le prend pas perso tu sais que je t'aime

J'exècre ce genre d'articles/livres "j'ai le pouvoir de changer ma vie".
D'abord parce qu'encore une fois c'est une manière de faire de l' argent avec le malheur des paumés qui sont toujours prêt à croire à la recette miracle du bonheur - certes les conseils données sont finalement recevables ( d'ailleurs c'est tout le temps les mêmes d'un auteur à l'autre) mais a t'on vraiment besoin d'un "master of the obvious" qui nous dit que la pensée positive amène du positif dans nos vies ( ce qui est loin d'être aussi vrai qu'ils veulent nous le faire croire d'ailleurs)

"There is a tendency for human consciousness to repeat old patterns; this is based upon expectation, which is a form of memory rooted in the illusion of time, as you perceive it. It is possible to cut through your perception of time and accelerate to solutions to problems faster than would normally take place, but this is done through the door of consciousness that only you can open. It is done through both personal intent and action."

O Rly ?!?

Incroyable maintenant ma vie peut changer j'ai tout compris.

Ensuite ce genre de texte à tendance à faire tomber les gens dans la procrastination : "J'ai le pouvoir de changer les choses de créer ma chance et mon bonheur yeah !"

- "Ha mais vérifions si c'est vraiment le cas en lisant ce livre là et puis celui là aussi pour être bien sur ..."

Moralité de l'histoire tu finis absolument persuadé que le pouvoir d'améliorer ta vie est en toi ( bravo car en même temps c'est vrai qu'il aurait pu être caché dans un Kinder surprise) tu as passé des années à t'en persuader mais finalement tu n'as absolument pas agit, rien n'a changé tu es juste a peut prêt sur ( "lisons ce nouveau livre tiens au cas où, il à l'air encore mieux, juste pour être vraiment bien sûr")que quand tu voudras tu pourras. Bon c'est bien et j'imagine que finalement ça suffit au bonheur de beaucoup de gens ; savoir qu'un monde meilleur est possible, rêver à ce que pourrait être ta vie, te faire taper dessus tout les jours mais savoir qu'il pourrait en être autrement tout ça aide à avancer au jour le jour mais ne résout rien

Bref ... "How do you navigate your life through a sea that is filled with fear, hostility, paranoia, constraint, lies, and manipulation?"

A priori pas en restant assis sur la plage à lire un bouquin, jettes toi à l'eau et nage. Fini la réflexion, place à l'action !

Heu voilà je sais pas si je suis super clair, je suis peut être un peut énervé aussi ( à ma décharge j'ai une rage de dents j'ai pas dormi et je suis de super mauvaise humeur)
Enfin comme je te dit le prend pas perso et hésite pas à effacer si tu trouves que je divague trop

Nini said...

Je ne le prends pas personnellement du tout, chacun a droit de voir midi à sa porte... c'est d'ailleurs pourquoi de temps à autre je poste autre chose que des photos de chats!

Je vois bien ce qui t'exaspère dans ce genre de texte, cependant je trouve que c'est un peu simple de généraliser et de faire le raccourci "oh les gens qui lisent des trucs comme ça se consolent et n'agissent pas".
Parce que pour prendre comme exemple ma petite personne (qui m'est après tout la plus familière hein): oui je lis des bouquins qui traitent de comment "améliorer sa vie et soi même en tant que personne", et non ils ne sont pas forcément New Age, écrit par des hippies en mal de gurus.
Et oui j'agis et j'applique mes découvertes tous les jours, et ça m'a rendu bien plus épanouie et moins cynique-sceptique-moi-je-ne-crois-pas-à-tout-ça-toutasson-on-va-tous-mourir... enfin, moins française, quoi.

(désolée pour les potes français, mais vous admettrez qu'oser dire le mot "spirituel" en France vous expose à l'accusation immédiate de "membre d'une secte")

Enfin bref tout ça pour dire que savoir que la seule personne qui peut changer notre vie, c'est nous, ben oui c'est évident, mais moi ça m'encourage de l'entendre quand je suis dans le creux de la vague.
ET il y a je pense des milliers de gens qui pensent effectivement trouver le bonheur dans un kinder surprise, ou l'argent, ou cette nouvelle mercedes, ou le cul de la secrétaire, une tablette de chocolat, un p'tit fix, un p'tit joint, un p'tit verre... répéter l'évidence ne peut pas faire de mal! (bien sûr j'aurais dû prendre en compte le fait que les rares gens qui viennent sur ce blog n'ont sûrement pas besoin d'un rappel)

Enfin voilà quoi.
Sur ce, j'espère que tu as trouvé un Advil pour ta dent, et mangé un bout de Princesse Sarah pour la mauvaise humeur :)

J'aime bien quand tu t'énerves <3

Vyrillus said...

Je rejoins Ben, mais je ferai plus court : j'ai l'impression que les Stoïciens et alii ont déjà dit ce genre de trucs y a queq' temps déjà. Après, j'ai pas tout lu, à cause que j'ai pas le temps et que j'ai l'anglais bien fainéant. Il est clair en tout cas que "spiritualiser" le fait qu'il suffise de se lever et de se bouger le cul pour qu'il se commence à se passer des choses dans sa vie... Est-ce bien nécessaire ?!

Bref, c'est bien vrai tout ça, mais peut mieux au niveau de la forme !

Ben said...

Incroyable Cyrille !!!
Pour une fois c'est toi qui est concis, pas de verve inutile !
Faut quitter absolument ce monde pourri de la télévision ça te coupe la poésie ...

Ben said...

Pour ce qui est de mon expérience de la chose, moi j'ai fait le contraire j'avais beau savoir que je pouvais ( et tout le monde me l'a répété 100 fois) ça ne faisait que retarder les choses ( après tout pourquoi demain si après-demain ça marche encore)
Il m'a fallut atteindre le fond ( le maximum du supportable) pour me relancer. Mais depuis je suis à fond :D

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