Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Don't ask me...

... why cats are such weird animals.

Look at Mew. She looks perfectly normal, just yawning at the perspective of a very long day made of naps and fly-chasing and staring down other cats from the balcony. So normal.

But can a cat really be normal?

Normal things cats do that humans find odd... the start of a very long series!!

Odd Behavior #1 : Biting your toenails.

With gusto. Repeatedly. Til human begins to feel worried and checks paws, expecting to find mangled stumps instead of perfectly normal toes.

Odd Behavior #2 : Chewing on windows.

Preferably freshly painted.
Vigorous and systematic shooing away was ignored, as were my numerous lectures on the toxicity of cheap paint used by cheap owner to resfresh this particular window. Luckily, the feline rebel consented to compromise and just rub against the paint without eating it. Phew.

To be continued... very soon!
Feel free to contribute ;)


Benoît said...

Comme l'aurais si bien dit Caroline la Coche : " ACTION !!"

On veut la suite côlisse.

Puisque tu viens d'être officiellement désignée meilleure photographe de chats ( par moé, oui Madame !!!)faut ce mette au boulot et oublier pour un temps ces longues heures de trad.

Et comme le disais si bien le poète "Big Bisous" ("En anglais ça vaut dire gros baiser" ... oO)


lucy said...

this post made my day, so funny :)
now all these yawning cats make me want to go back to bed...

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